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Dan-o's - Original Seasoning 20oz

$19.99 / each

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The 20oz. Dan-O’s Original Seasoning is here for your long-term Dan-O’s fix. You’ll be using it on Dan-near everything! Start slimming down your spice cabinet and replace that salt and pepper shaker with a healthier, delicious alternative.

Our seasoning blend uses only natural ingredients. No filler, no sugar, and no chemicals. Dan-O’s original contains only rosemary, garlic, onion, lemon peel, orange peel, and several other mouthwatering spices. We use natural sea salt with only 50 mg of salt per serving. The low sodium content allows the herbs and spices to stand out and greet your taste buds. You’ll soon find out why we say “you don’t know, till you Dan-O”!

Our low sodium content allows you to use more seasoning and get bigger flavors. A lot of our competitors have seasoning blends with 200 mg or more per serving; that means you can add 4X the flavor of Dan-O’s or go serving for serving with a healthier alternative. And no, lower salt doesn’t mean less flavor. We give you more of the good stuff by using only the biggest and boldest ingredients.

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